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Welcome readers! Thank you all for your support of my inspirational self-help personal development books.

The desire to inspire
My life is about helping others. Helping others improve their life - through truth and wisdom (and humor) - and I am especially glad that so many of you have found my books interesting, easy to understand, and of value to your life. And, thankfully, unlike many self improvement books, my books are short, easy to read and easy to understand.

How did I learn how to write?

Like many authors, I learned how to write by reading. By reading a lot. Starting at age 10, I have probably read over 2,500 books. In reading those thousands of books I was able to get a sense of how leading authors presented their words and ideas.

I wrote my first book "Stories Of A Lifetime", in the first year of the millenium, in the year 2000. Fifteen years later, I finished my twentieth book. I realized that I had been writing books for fifteen years, and realized I was the author of twenty published inspirational and motivational self-help books. This was a complete and utter shock to me. I was stunned and amazed at this absolutely astonishing accomplishment. After fifteen years, it finally and suddenly sunk in - I am an author - a real author. And I am most thankful and most humbled to be one.

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My top 5 books:

Find Your Life Purpose in less than an hour

Life Changers - 10 secrets that will change your life

Stories Of A Lifetime (amazing true stories from my life)

The Happiness Transformation
(how to be happy NOW)

MONEY - The Basics

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book readers live longer

From scienceworldreport.com
August 2016

"According to a study conducted by researchers from Yale University, people who read books live an average of almost two years longer than those who don't read irrespective of their gender, health, education or wealth.

Even after taking into account various factors such as age, sex, race, education, health and wealth, the researchers found that book readers lived a longer life as compared to non-book readers."

There you have it. Read a book, live longer!

life purpose

New! Updated!

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How To Write Your Book


According to the New York Times, over 81% of Americans felt they had a book in them.

Want to write a book? Want to write YOUR life story? A family member's? Someone else you know? Want to write a book about something you know a lot about (career, hobby, lifestyle etc)?

My book, "How To Write Your Nonfiction Book" is a guide for the beginning nonfiction book writer. Having written over 20 nonfiction books I write this book to help others write their own book.

This book deals with the book idea, title, research, format, work habits and overcoming obstacles. This book shows you how to get started. And how to get finished. And it's easy to read and easy to understand!

Here's an excerpt:

So you want to write a book? That sounds like a good idea, a great idea, a worthy goal, a dream. Or a fantasy. Thinking about writing a book, dreaming about it – and doing it – are very different. Thinking about it is like singing in the shower. Writing it and putting it out for the world to see is like singing on stage, in front of an audience.

Beginning writers can have stage fright. Feelings of unworthiness, and/or suffer from a lack of experience or know-how. It can be overwhelming. These are normal feelings. Lousy but normal. Feelings which can stop you from writing your book. Don’t let them. Write your book!

The purpose of this book – and all my books - is to motivate, stimulate and educate. That also applies to writing your nonfiction book.

Want to write a book? Read THIS book!

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For more information and more excerpts go to: How To Write Your Book

Step It Up!

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"Step It Up": a book for everyone who is "stuck" in their quest for success. The 16th book by Andrew Lawrence.

Here is an excerpt:


So, you have a dream. You want to achieve something. You want to achieve something that means a great deal to you. But you can’t. It just isn’t happening. So you get frustrated or upset. Or depressed. Because you can’t achieve your goal. It’s too hard, or too costly, or it’s taking too long, or it looks like it’s impossible. It just isn’t happening.

You are thwarted, stuck, unable to proceed, unable to succeed.

So do you give up? Quit? You could. You could give up, you could quit. It’s certainly easier than continuing to struggle. Do you give up your heart’s desire and settle for whatever (or whomever) you can get? You could. Giving up is easier. Quitting is easier. But if you give up now you will be a quitter. A loser. And you don’t want to be a loser. NOBODY wants to be a loser!

So, what do you do? What do you do now?

You don’t give up, you try again. One more time. Why will this time be any different? Because this time you are going to increase your odds of winning. This time you are going to Step It Up! Step it up? How do you step it up? You start by reading this book. This book can make you stronger, can help you remove or overcome the obstacles in your way, and can help you get what you really want.

This book is going to motivate you, inspire you, and show you how to Step It Up--and move closer to your goal. Read it. Do it. Live it.

Let’s get started,

Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, CA

Chapter 9: Step It Up Psychologically

You have to want to achieve your goal. You have to want it. Really want it. You have to want success. Achieving your goal, making your dream come true, is often difficult, very difficult. You have to really want it. How much do you want it? DO you really want it?

I didn’t hear you. Say it out loud. “I WANT it!” Say it again. “I WANT it!” Say it until it sounds 100% convincing.

And, if you DO really want to achieve your goal, to make your dream come true, you have to believe that you deserve it. You have to feel that you are worthy of achieving your goal, whatever that goal is.

People who have low self-esteem, people who lack confidence, people who believe they don’t deserve the “goodies” of life or don’t believe that they deserve to achieve their goal, don’t believe that they deserve to make their dream come true, often fail. Why? They tend to either not get started or they give up in the face of obstacles. Big obstacles or small obstacles. One of the main reasons people fail, or don’t even get started, is that they don’t feel they deserve their heart’s desire. They even have excuses: “I’m not good enough” or attractive enough or smart enough or tall enough or talented enough or not special enough or don’t deserve anything good or … whatever. Excuses. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES! None.

Self-doubt is a dream killer. Sure, everybody doubts themselves when faced with failure. But the winners take a deep breath, re-energize themselves and move forward anyway. Why? Because they want it. And because they deserve it. Do you?

Have you lost your confidence? Have you given up? On the verge of giving up? Here’s a simple little thing to help you find your way again:

Say “I deserve it”.

I didn’t hear you. Say it out loud. Say “I deserve it”. Louder.

Say it again. “I deserve it”

Keep saying it until you FEEL it. Until you BELIEVE it.

Don’t stop until you do.

Feel re-energized? Feel the unstoppable power within you? N-o-w you are ready to proceed again. N-o-w you are ready once again to make your dream come true. N-o-w you are ready to Step It Up!

Step It Up
The Quest for Success

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The Happiness Transformation

The Happiness Transformation reveals simple practical principles of how anyone, anywhere, anytime can be happy - NOW - and for the rest of their life.

Happiness principles included in the book are:

  • Happiness is a choice. CHOOSE to be happy!

  • How to choose to be happy NOW

  • Happiness is contagious. Infect someone today!

  • Transform yourself. Transform the world.

The techniques and insights in this book are the product of decades of research and learning and these simple practical happiness principles can work for YOU ... in as little as 90 minutes!

- "A remarkable book for anyone, anywhere, anytime, who wants to be happy NOW!"

- "WOW! It's easy to understand ... and it works!"

- "What's in this book can make you happy for the rest of your life!"

The Happiness Transformation shows you how to be genuinely happy - NOW - and for the rest of your life. Get it. Read it. You’ll be happy you did!

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Andrew's bio

Andrew Lawrence is the author of 21 self-help books that improve your life - fast - that make you smarter, richer and happier. His books are short, easy to read and and easy to understand. His popular books include, "The Happiness Transformation", “MONEY - The Basics”, “Discover Your Life Purpose in 30 minutes”, "Life Changers: 10 true secrets that will change your life", and “Stories Of A Lifetime". Originally from New York, he now lives happily and productively in Los Angeles, California.

All of his books are available at amazon.com

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These photos were taken by me. They were shot as contemporary reality photos. Taken with my cell phone. I then turned them into "fantasy photos", fantasy art.

Here are some examples of my fantasy art photography