How To Write Your Book


According to the New York Times, over 81% of Americans felt they had a book in them.

Want to write a book? Want to write YOUR life story? A family member's? Someone else you know? Want to write a book about something you know a lot about (career, hobby, lifestyle etc)?

My book, "How To Write Your Nonfiction Book" is a guide for the beginning nonfiction book writer. Having written over 20 nonfiction books I write this book to help others write their own book.

This book deals with the book idea, title, research, format, work habits and overcoming obstacles. This book shows you how to get started. And how to get finished. And it's easy to read and easy to understand!

Here's an excerpt:

So you want to write a book? That sounds like a good idea, a great idea, a worthy goal, a dream. Or a fantasy. Thinking about writing a book, dreaming about it – and doing it – are very different. Thinking about it is like singing in the shower. Writing it and putting it out for the world to see is like singing on stage, in front of an audience.

Beginning writers can have stage fright. Feelings of unworthiness, and/or suffer from a lack of experience or know-how. It can be overwhelming. These are normal feelings. Lousy but normal. Feelings which can stop you from writing your book. Don’t let them. Write your book!

The purpose of this book – and all my books - is to motivate, stimulate and educate. That also applies to writing your nonfiction book.

Want to write a book? Read THIS book!

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