How To Get A Job

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"Real secrets of how to get a real job in the real world"

Do you care where you work? Do you care what you do for a living? If you do this book can help you get a job; a real job, in the real world.

This book reveals the unconventional secrets of successfully getting a job. A real job. If you are a recent graduate of high school or college, or are about to graduate, and are looking for his/her first real job in the real world this book is for you. If you already have some work experience, or are out of work, and want or need to re-enter the work force or want to change careers or jobs, this book is for you.

If you want to get a GOOD job this book is for you.

This book reveals inside secrets on how to find that job, and how to get that job. Real secrets. Proven secrets. Secrets that work!

Do you want a job? A good job? Read this book!

Here is a sample:


Why did I write this book? To become famous? To get rich? No. I wrote this book (and 19 others) because I like to help people. I like to help people improve their life. That is why I am here on the planet. That is my purpose in life. I wrote this book because I have a lot of real world experience in the subject matter and passing it on, giving others the benefit of my experience, and helping you to improve your life, gives me a great deal of true satisfaction and fulfillment. More than fame or money.

I’ve had a lot of jobs in my life. In the real world.

Why did I have a lot of jobs? Because, work wise, I get bored easily. And, once I master an industry, a career, usually in a few years, I tend to want to move on to something new and interesting. This is typically what entrepreneurs do. Yes, I also started businesses but that is for another book. Right now, I want to help you get a real job in the real world.

Do I know what I am talking about? Put my words into action and then decide for yourself.

My first full year in my first full time job I earned the equivalent, in today’s money, of $175,000. Not bad. I was 23. Not bad considering I had only a college degree, a C average, and no specific skills and no experience. No, I am not bragging. I am telling you this for credibility purposes: I DO know what I am talking about.

Starting with my first real job after graduation I discovered how to get a good job. I’ve had a number of good jobs. I have rarely NOT gotten a job I applied for. Why? Because I am that good? Well, there is that. But I got the jobs mainly because I used my own secret method … and it worked!

There are well-kept secrets about getting a job in the real world. Unconventional secrets. Secrets that few people know, or use. There are secrets that YOU don’t know, regarding successfully applying for, and getting, a job. A good job. A REAL job. In the real world.

I will now reveal those secrets. Right here. Right now. To you.

Let’s get started. You can thank me later.

Andrew Lawrence
Los Angeles, CA

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