Andrew Lawrence

Welcome readers! Thank you all for your support of my inspirational self-help personal development books.

The desire to inspire
My life is about helping others. Helping others improve their life - through truth and wisdom (and humor) - and I am especially glad that so many of you have found my books interesting, easy to understand, and of value to your life. And, thankfully, unlike many self improvement books, my books are short, easy to read and easy to understand.

How did I learn how to write?

Like many authors, I learned how to write by reading. By reading a lot. Starting at age 10, I have probably read over 2,500 books. In reading those thousands of books I was able to get a sense of how leading authors presented their words and ideas.

I wrote my first book "Stories Of A Lifetime", in the first year of the millenium, in the year 2000. Fifteen years later, I finished my twentieth book. I realized that I had been writing books for fifteen years, and realized I was the author of twenty published inspirational and motivational self-help books. This was a complete and utter shock to me. I was stunned and amazed at this absolutely astonishing accomplishment. After fifteen years, it finally and suddenly sunk in - I am an author - a real author. And I am most thankful and most humbled to be one.

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My top 5 books:

Find Your Life Purpose in less than an hour

Life Changers - 10 secrets that will change your life

Stories Of A Lifetime (amazing true stories from my life)

The Happiness Transformation
(how to be happy NOW and 
for the rest of your life)

MONEY - The Basics

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